About us


             The vision of Resurrection is to bring the living Christ into the hearts of all people so that they may share God’s love as servants, called and taught by Christ to love and care for others.



             The mission is to bring the love of Christ to all who seek Him.



             Resurrection is a welcoming congregation of joyful Christians, rooted in the liturgical tradition of the Episcopal Church.  We seek an authentic understanding and expression of our faith, and we celebrate the diversity of our evolving parish with caring ministries of all ages, cultures and lifestyles.



             Resurrection is a rather young congregation. Therefore it is an active and vibrant community that sincerely seeks to serve God and all of Creation.  We are immersed in children with Resurrection Church, Sweetwater Episcopal Academy, and Sweetwater Summer Day Camp all sharing the same campus—kids, kids, kids, kids everywhere and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

You can experience Resurrection by dropping by some Sunday at either the 8:00 AM Eucharist or the 10:30 Eucharist.  Stay after church for a cup of coffee or tea and you just might like what you see!  I think you will!