Musikgarten begins

August 13, 2019.

Family Music for Babies (Family Music for Babies, packet 1)- This class is designed so that you and your baby can play musically together in such a way that will serve your child’s well-being and total development. Activities in the class foster bonding and intimacy between you and your baby, and the class also provides an enriched musical environment that nurtures the baby’s musical aptitude at a time when it is crucial to do so.  Take home materials include instrument pouch, CD and parent guidebook.



Family Music for Toddlers (On A Trip) - This class is designed for the age of exploration as the child goes from baby to toddler and begins to explore their environment in a whole new way. The curriculum is designed  at an age appropriate level to provide opportunities for high energy movement, such as dances, to calming moments, such as lullabies. Each session includes opportunities to bounce, dance, sing and explore instruments. Take home materials include instrument or movement scarf, CD and parent guidebook.


Ages 3-5 (Cycle of Seasons-Sun Catchers)- This class is designed for the imaginative preschooler. Children in this class are given the opportunity to explore music through imaginative play.  This series explores nature and all it's fascinating sounds. Children are given the opportunity to sing, dance, play instruments, practice active listening, explore poetry and play musical games. Take home materials include CDs, active listening animal cards and parent guide book.



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