Gifts To Resurrection




We can be generous in all kinds of giving, caring for one another because the Lord meets all our material, emotional, and spiritual needs.  As we give, we can express our gratitude for all God has given us.

Generous living is much more than what we do with our money. We are called to be kind to one another and to all living things. We are called to deal with each other honestly, and to be humble.

Some of our members tithe (giving ten percent of their income to the church), while others commit a certain percentage (varying from one to nine percent), some make a one-time gift, or others give as they are able.  While giving levels vary in the congregation, what is important is that all are asked to make a gift that reflects our love of God and our love for one another.


Resurrection offers many possibilities for worship, service, education, fun, fellowship and spiritual growth:

        Youth Programs

        Music Ministries

        Christian Formation

        Altar/Flower Guilds

        Acolyte Fund

Wish List
  • Bride's Room carpet & updating ($2,000)
  • Liturgical vestments ($4,000) - We need a Holy Week set
  • Brass Candlesticks and Cross for Village on The Green ($1,000)
  • New church website - complete rebuild $15,000
  • Stage floor improvements in Grace Hall ($5,000)
  • Pool  update ($25,000)
  • Boom mics for productions in Grace Hall ($1,000)
  • Microphone headset for play/music productions ($6,500)
  • Improve sound system in Grace Hall ($2,500)
  • Expand church visitors parking ($2,550)
  • New church/school sign at entrance ($15,000)
  • Parish Life Center with Fellowship Hall, Youth Room, Choir Room, classrooms, and offices ($2,000,000.00)
  • Stack-able Washer & Dryer
Memorial Fund

The Memorial Garden at Resurrection is available to parishioners for the burial of cremains at a modest cost.  It is in a lovely garden area on the north side of the Church.  Cremains are placed directly in the ground in a biodegradable container without an urn.

Donations to the Resurrection Memorial Fund can be made in memory of a loved one.