If you have a concern about your health or you're uncomfortable attending church at the end of the month, please know the YouTube stream of 9:30 AM (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIWYf4R7zZh4i3EmJ2DHmxg) will continue and communion on the driveway immediately following the 9:30am service.   Please do not come to church if you are sick or have a concern about your health.  Here are the restrictions we will be operating under, and how we are going to handle them, please note per diocesan guidelines, none of these are optional and all must be followed:

1) No more than 50 people may be in the church - this includes the clergy.  You will need to make a reservation to attend the 9:30 AM service.   We are required by the diocese to keep a list of everyone who attends in the event there is exposure to the virus.   The balcony will be reserved for families in the same household of four or more. 

2) Because of the restriction of only 50 people in the church, the altar party will consist of an acolyte, Deacon Susie, and myself.   Choir remains suspended. We will ask for volunteers to read from each service.  If no one is willing to read, the clergy will step in. 

3) Everyone must wear masks. If you are reading, you may take the mask off to read, but must put it back on when finished. 

4) Receiving the chalice will not be permitted. Communion will be in one kind - host only, for safety reasons. The Episcopal church has long held the doctrine of concomitance - if you receive one species of the eucharist, you have received both.  So no grace is denied by receiving only the host. 

5) Passing of the peace remains suspended.

6) Hymnals and BCPs will be removed.  There will be bulletins in your chairs when you arrive which will have all the parts you need. 

7) There will be no social time or receptions at this time due to social distancing and health reasons. 

Funerals and baptisms are now permitted, but will follow the same restrictions. 


Visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/resurrectionlongwood for current information and update.

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Episcopal Church of the Resurrection

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The Rev'd Father Trey Garland - Rector TGarland@resurrectionlongwood.org

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